RROMT Technologies for Patent Translation

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Federal Institute of Industrial Property (FIPS) is a nonprofit research organization. The main responsibilities of FIPS are carrying out preparatory work for the implementation of legal actions related to the legal protection and the protection of the results of intellectual activity and means of individualization - inventions, utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, service marks as well as acquiring and use of scientific knowledge for scientific and technical support of examination of the intellectual property results and means of individualization.

  • Patent machine translation of very high quality
  • Integration of machine translation into PatSearch system
  • Domain-specific translation profile based on multilingual patent terminology data bases
  • PROMT Translation Server with API
  • Integrated OCR module for translating image files
  • Tow type of authentication: anonymous and personified
  • Implementation of PROMT Hybrid MT
  • Customization for patent translation
  • Iimprovement of translation quality without additional expenses from the client’s side
Denis Vinogradov, Head of FIPS:

Thanks to high translation quality of PROMT we do not plan to stop using PROMT products, even now when free online machine translation services are widely available,. The PROMT company always quickly responded to our requirements, sometimes very specific to workflow we use in FIPS. It concerned both creation of the hybrid translation system for patent documents, and special functionalities for translating search requests and automatic connection of dictionaries taking into account subject of documents.

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